Road Transport

Our company’s strategy is to offer the widest possible range of solutions for the transport of goods, supported by a precise ITS (intelligent transport system). Dunca Expeditii offers its customers various solutions at reasonable costs for domestic as well as international transports, being able to use our own ITS system to increase performance and achieve the customer’s desired standards.

We have a constantly expanding fleet equipped with the most modern equipment and a state-of-the-art maintenance and repair workshop, so that we can perform these types of transport on time:

  • general cargo;
  • oversized cargo;
  • chilled;
  • transport of gravel, ballast;
  • container transport;
  • liquefied gases transport in specialized tanks;
  • dangerous goods transport (ADR all classes, excepting Class 1 (ammunition, fireworks, explosives and Class 7 -radioactive materials).

The truck fleet operated by Dunca consists of:

  • Tractor heads and semi trailers with 20 to utility load;
  • Dumpers for transport of pit materials;
  • Tractor heads and semi trailers specialized for oversized cargo;
  • Utility vans for 1.5 to 7.5 ton utility load.

Fleet of vehicles for the transport of goods consists of:

  • Tractors heads - 443;
  • Semi trailers - 425;
  • Utility vans - 50;
  • Dumpers - 4;

Next to the domestic transport in Romania, we are operating transports in: France, Italy, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Britain, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldova, and Turkey.