Air Transport

Transport aerian

Since 2008 the company has been authorized by the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority (RCAA) and the Ministry of Transportation as a commercial operator for flight and aerial work. The air fleet which we are currently operating consists of 4 new helicopters (the oldest in December 2007) mono and by-engine of 3 different types, AS 350 B3, AS 355 NP, EC 135 P2+, made by the world leader in the field: Eurocopter - France. Their maintenance is provided under the supervision of Eurocopter and the European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA. Our pilots have a European qualification and the experience of thousands of flight hours. We perform missions anywhere in Romania and Europe. The motto under which we operate is: safety first!

Since 2008 our company has accumulated significant experience in both domestic and foreign commercial flights as well as helicopter specific air works, with more than 10,000 flight hours. We successfully met all commitments to our customers including:

  • Everjest Aviatico Executiva
  • Dacia Renault
  • Muller Hartburg Dienstleistung
  • Dedeman
  • Saga Film
  • C.N.M. Astra Sibiu
  • Almond Films LTD

Operations performed

  • commercial flight with passengers
  • cargo swing flights
  • air filming works with gyro-stabilized system
  • Heli ski
  • parachuting and materials release
  • surveillance operations
  • commercial campaigns
  • search and rescue operations
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Types of helicopters

Types of helicopters Engines number Seats number Authonomy (km) Flight duration (hours) Operation time Transportation type
EC-120B 1 4 700 3h 45 min day  
AS-350B3 1 5 650 3h 15min day UTILITAR HELISKI
AS-355NP 2 5 800 3h 45min day+night VIP
EC-130B4 1 6 650 3h 10min day VIP
EC-135P2+ 2 5 550 2h 20min day+night VIP
AS-365N3 2 5 850 3h 30min day+night  

Contact air transport

0740116865 Cătălina PĂTRAȘCU - Flight dispatcher
0745644148 Nicolae PENGA - Safety manager