Currently the whole activity is coordinated and led from Timisoara. Dunca Expeditii is a joint stock company with a Board of Directors and a General Director. The operational activity is run by two directors: the Executive Director and Operations Director.

Our entire organization is structured to meet a single target, namely providing services that fully satisfy the most demanding requirements of our customers.

Romeo Dan Dunca - director general Constantin Daminescu - director executiv Doru Husarciuc - director exploatare
Romeo Dan Dunca - General Manager Constantin Daminescu - Executive Manager Doru Husarciuc - Operations Manager


The company is organized into departments. The departments in our company are:

  • Operations Department
    • Domestic Transport
    • International Transport
  • Financial and Accounting Department
  • Human Resources and Legal Department
  • Technical Department
  • Quality and Environment Department
  • Workshop and technical repairs Department