Short History

Dunca Expeditii was established in 1994, initially as a limited liability company with one shareholder; the number of shareholders growing in time. In 1997 the company turns into a joint stock company; its main activity being domestic and international transport services. Everything started in a trailer located in a parking lot near the County Hospital in Timisoara with a few cars and a few employees.

First Headquarters, 1994 Second Headquarters, 1997-2007 Present Headquarters, 2007-to date


Initially, the transport activity started with a fleet of three vans of three tons. Currently we are managing a fleet of over 800 vehicles. We are now one of the main domestic freight companies in the country, and in the Timis County we are currently holding the position of main carrier – for both domestic and international transports. We also have a branch with 20 employees functioning in Ramnicu Valcea; where our main activity is the transport of liquefied gases. We currently have over 600 employees.

Evolutie Dunca Expedition   Evolutie Dunca Expedition

Present Time

Today Dunca Expeditii has its headquarters on the Dunca Logistic Center premises in Dumbrăviţa, DJ 691, km 7+142, located between the Timisoara beltway and DJ 691 Timisoara - Lipova. This is also the location of the company’s warehouses and workshop, Periodical Technical Inspection station, truck wash and gas station.

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