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Service, Periodical Technical Inspection Station

Service Dunca

Our workshop provides maintenance and repairs auto vehicles (tractor heads, trucks) as well as for semi-trailers and trailers. The workshop activity is oriented on our own fleet as well as the vehicles belonging to other companies or persons.

The workshop has a space of 3195 m2 and a total area of 4041 m2; with 14 work stations, 8 stations for vehicles and 6 stations for tractor- head and semi-trailer. For utility, workstations were equipped with 8 simple lifts (capacity of 23 tons), 2 double lifts (2x23 tons capacity) and two work channels.

The workshop is operating as an IVECO authorized service since 2012.

The Periodic Technical Inspection station is authorized by RAR (the Romanian Auto Registry), conducting the periodic technical inspections of our own vehicles as well as for those owned by other companies or persons, for the following types:

  • Class 2 vehicles - up to 3.5 tons (including small vehicles)
  • Class 3 vehicles - over 3.5 tons
  • Trailers, semi-trailers, campers, vans, buses, tractors.
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Car Wash

The truck wash serves all types of standard vehicles for large capacity (TIR), performing both classical cleaning by spraying the detergent and scrubbing brushes; as well as contact free washing, with high pressure water. These are the vehicles that can be washed:

Spalatorie masini Dunca
  • Single body, standard trucks without large spaces between tractor and trailer;
  • Tractor heads and trailers;
  • Tanks;
  • Trucks with space between the tractor and semi trailer allowing an horizontal brush;
  • Open trucks and dumpers;
  • Utility vans, trucks for cylinder transports and other trucks with special features;
  • Buses and coaches that have mirrors positioned in the front;
  • Buses, coaches and trucks that that have laterally positioned mirrors.

Fuel Station

Statie carburant Dunca

A Rompetrol fuel station is operation on the premises of our Logistic Center; with a 24/7 program. Designed for a wide variety of customers, the station is equipped with 8 pumps; of which 4 have increased flow, intended for diesel-powered trucks; and 4 pumps with various fuels. The types of fuel offered for sale are:

  • Gasoline EFIX S 98
  • Gasoline EFIX 95
  • EFIX Diesel 55
  • EFIX Diesel 51

Payment can be made using any of the four alternatives offered:

  • cash
  • card
  • Rompetrol card
  • Rompetrol ring